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First Treatment

Before your treatment…

Plan to dress in loose fitting/comfortable clothing (typical yoga clothes) no undergarments or jewelry. Even if you aren't receiving Thai Massage, it may be required for me to stretch you after your treatment to achieve the goals we are seeking. Please remember to turn your cell phone off or on vibrate. If you must eat right before- keep it light, and remember to use the restroom. 

With each treatment, make sure your therapist is aware of your health conditions that you are either having or have had, not limited to:

Spinal Injuries: herniated discs, fused spine, scoliosis

Bone & Joint issues: osteoporosis, replaced hips, ACL;

Cardiac Issues: heart attack, stroke, pacemaker

Circulatory Issues: high blood pressure (stabilized or not);

Cancer: (remission or undergoing treatment)

Pregnancy (how far along)

Some of the pressure used, may seem too penetrating, yet most will experience a release in tension and quickly adapt to the pressure, it helps to concentrate on letting go and enjoying a slow and steady breathe. For those who are feeling stiff, tender or fragile, please communicate to your therapist when you are experiencing “too much” and she will adjust the soft tissue manipulation and stretches to meet your level of comfort.

1st Treatments are 20% OFF
I appreciate that we are just getting to know and understand each other, and I’d like to offer your first full-body treatment to be marked down to a $1/min rate (for up to 2 hours long). If you’d like to spread your joy of Thai massage with others, you can purchase a gift certificate, for their first massage, also at 20% off. You will also receive 20% off the travel fee, should it apply to these first time services.

New Clients, Please fill out the form below:

The following form is a bit extensive, but it'll set us on the right path for the best massage experience I can offer you. Please fill it out, email it back to me or hold on to it for your first session. If you have any questions, please email me at jilliankolnitys@gmail.com

New Client - 1st Full Body Treatment

Health and Wellness Intake Form

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