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Hours and Rates

Accepting Appointments Daily: 9:30am-10pm 


All Massage Services :  $1.25/minute 

20 minute booster  $25
30 minute booster  $37.50
45 minute booster  $56.25
60 minute treatment  $75
75 minute treatment  $93.75
90 minute (1.5hr) treatment  $112.50
120 minute (2hr) treatment  $150
150 minute (2.5 hr) treatment  $187.50
180 minute (3hr) treatment  $225


Selecting Boosters vs Treatments:

Each session is unique in terms of how it assists long-term goals.

Soft tissue imbalances can cause problem areas throughout the entire body, choose to address these issues piece by piece with a booster, or address the full body connection, with a treatment. Either way you're welcome to request advice on how to supplement with stretches and exercises, to better enhance your condition on your own at home.

Booster Massages: 20 to 45 minutes (On Sale for 20% off = $1.00/minute)

Focused mini-bodywork sessions addressing 1-3 problem areas, depending on the condition of the tissue.

Boosters are hosted at business events or in homes & offices for women. They can also be a great way to get a family member a brief massage, before or after your in-home treatment. 

Request a private event, a time slot at Element 22 or find a public event, should one be scheduled.


Treatments: 60 minutes to 3.5 hours ($1.25/minute)

Full-Body sessions therapeutically address the full body system, as a whole, addressing symmetry and balance front to back, side to side, core to exterior.

Available within Element22  (Thai only, no additional fee) or as an outcall within women's homes and offices ($25 Travel fee).


FullBody Lite

60 min- $75
75 min- $93.75


Therapy Sweet Spot

90 min- $112.50
2 hr- $150


Ultimate ~ No Restriction left behind

Qualify with previous experience first, to know if you benefit from lengthy treatments

2.5 hr- $187.50
3 hr- $225
3.5 hr- $262.50


If you're in a time crunch, please be sure to make that clear at the beginning of your session. 

Professional massage rates are by the minute. Should our available time permit, I usually go over 5-10 minutes at no charge to the client. When I find something, that I know will take me additional time to release, I'll be sure to let you know and we can decide whether to focus on it in that session or not. If you feel, you'd like to extend the treatment longer, you're welcome to request up to my max length of a 3.5 hours, should time permit.

Regulars reap the rewards of Bonus Minutes and Discounts:

Regular Clients get additional massage rewards for their commitment to Massage Therapy and for assisting in building our professional relationship. The nature of my training is to do my best to individually cater each session to you. As you know, your body reacts to new challenges and has adapted to the constant demands that are unique for you, so this familiarity to your body becomes our baseline for me to gage how I can best apply my training to treat you. Feel free to ask about the rewards that come with being a regular.

First Time Sessions 20% OFF

This applies to your first session, as well as to the purchase of a gift certificate for someone else's first session.

Thanksgiving Weekend Special:  33% OFF

Each year, I show my gratitude for the continued use of my services and encourage the community to share massage therapy for the holidays. From Black Friday - Cyber Monday you simply need to contact me to make arrangements for this purchase. You are permitted to purchase one gift certificate per recipient and bank one for yourself. This special discount applies to treatments that are 60 minute (save $25) & 90 minute (save $37.50), as well as to the in-home travel fee (save $8.25).

Please contact me directly, to discuss or schedule Boosters and/or Treatments.

Be sure to inform your doctors, physical therapists and fitness instructors of the style of massage you are receiving and get their input on any modifications, to better treat conditions and enhance your wellness goals.



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