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Booster Massages

What is a Booster Massage?

Boosters are abbreviated massages designed to assist the busy lifestyle. Implementing a brief massage is an effortless way to restore body awareness and address structural imbalances. I primarily use Thai Massage to get the most accomplished in a short amount of time.

  • 20-45 minutes massages
  • focused on your primary concerns
  • Currently on Sale to a  $1/min rate 

Where can you find a Booster massage?

  • Regularly hosted by Element 22
  • Happy to participate in community events in Midland and Tawas Area
  • View the Calendar of events, to find scheduled events open to the public.

Are you interested in hosting a Booster event?

Opportunites for these booster massage sessions are hosted for employees, customers, community events, fundraisers or in homes for friends and family. They can consist of 4-20 sessions depending on the environment presented by the Host. Though Thai Massage is often the standard technique I use for these events, you can request the use of Table Massage with lotion (swedish, pregnancy, sports, deep tissue) or chair massage. 

Wish to receive a more complete massage?

  • Enhance full body wellness with Treatments lasting (60 min to 3.5 hours)
  • Advance your booster results, by addressing the body's connected roles as a whole 
  • Traditional Thai Massage treatments are available to the public at Element 22
  • In-Home treatments of various Massage Techniques (Women and families only)

When determining length of treatment, please consider, an "express" Traditional Thai Massage is typically 90 minutes, should we only have an hour, I will do my best to cater to your needs.

  Please, Contact me to schedule your next treatment, reserve a booster massage, or to discuss setting up a booster event.